Exact Replica of Monica'S PEEPHOLE FRAME! SHIPS 01/01/12

Monica's Peephole Frame
Monica's Peephole Frame
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Product Description

The peephole frame on Monica's door is finally here! This gold frame is what everyone has been looking for. And NOW we are proud to offer you one for only $43.95 ! The one we are offering is 100 % handmade. Same distressed color and look, same intricate details.

The peephole frame measures 12.5 x 11 inches outside, 8 x 6 inches inside. With a clip at the back, it is ready to hang.

You will remember the last scene of the series. the gang leaves the apartment for the last time, and the camera returns to a final pan around the room. fans of the show can see all the scenes that happened there over the past decade, and it's so sad to see it empty. finally the camera lands on the back of the door and the famous gold frame. nothing sad happens in this scene per se, but it represents a lot more..... this frame is a great representation of all that we love about friends!